Brittles Skin Fossil Edition

We were delighted to receive a new map today that observed the Crown Hill Trail through a personal macro lens.  This map illustrates the beauty of close encounters, places that call our attention to the intimate galaxies alive in dynamic patterns, impressed in rocks, riddled into wood, and scrambled in leaves. 

To see the whole map, click on the link here.

(The title of the post is taken from two of the titles of images found in the map)

Internalized 3/9/17

Internalized 3/9/17

Wayfinding Story Soft Opening

The soft opening and first official trial of 'Wayfinding: Imaging History With (Our) Story' at Olana. It was a rainy evening filled with excitement despite the gloomy outdoors. The public gleefully walked into the woodlands with the artist leading them into the dark, to discover their own wonderment.